Euthanasia – Add some spice to your IV line


So, your dog is old gets really sick, things aren’t looking good at all. The poor guy has been around far longer then everyone expected and he’s had a great life, but now he’s old and sick and starting to suffer. What do you do? Well I’m sure most people would agree that you take your dog to the vet, and if there’s a poor prognosis, well, you’re sad but you feel a little better that you can make a choice to end his suffering with one small injection that gently and painlessly puts him into a deep sleep while being comforted by his family, and then he’s gone. Sickness, suffering and problem solved. This choice of course, as opposed to letting your dog suffer for days or even weeks on end until the harsh hand of death cracks open his money box and takes his life savings…

Great, so if you find it comforting to know that your loving pet had no suffering at the end of its happy life and parted ways while being comforted by the family, why not do the same for a human being?

Euthanasia will most probably always be a topic of continuous debate and ethical uprising in the modern world. But before thinking of it as assisted suicide of medical murder, try to be logical. Try imagining the worst pain you have ever experienced. Now, combined that with severe depression and possible medical debt that has left you feeling poorer then a church mouse who’s just received an enormous tax bill, on the very same day his wife left him, taking with her all of the cheese. Rather harsh and disheartening, however, there are people experiencing these emotions on a daily basis, just waiting to die and get their suffering over with. My point being that, surely if an animal gets to be given a peaceful and painless end to life, shouldn’t we be given the option if the situation arose within our lives? Additionally, how is it that someone may decide on your behalf, when you are capable of making your own decisions that you should suffer until you die naturally? It’s all a bit selfish now isn’t it…?

If we look at Australia’s Northern Territory, they became the first in the world to legalize euthanasia, along with other countries. At a closer look, you may notice that these few countries all have something in common, and that is that they are essentially, all highly organized first world countries. This link shows how these countries have put together certain criteria that allow for the grounds of euthanasia.

Having said this, if we are all truly free to make decisions about our own health like stated in the Patient’s Rights Charter provided by the HPCSA at booklet 3 section 2.2, , then why should a person not have a say in their voluntary death and end to suffering?



4 thoughts on “Euthanasia – Add some spice to your IV line

  1. Michael Rowe says:

    Hi Jarryd. I like your point about having the right to self-determination (the formal name for being able to make decisions that affect your life) but not having the right to decide the When, Where and How of your death, seems a bit unfair. I’m allowed to decide how much alcohol I drink, even though I may get addicted. I can decide to join the army and possibly kill other human beings. I can decide to take an overdose of morphine, and people will say “That was so sad”. But, if I’m physically unable to end my own life, I can’t decide to ask someone to help me.

  2. Great post. I agree with you, comparing human assisted-dying with euthanasia of our pets.. it really makes you think. We as humans choose to end the life by euthanasia of a beloved pet who is suffering when medical intervention will not be effective in curing or reducing the pain and disability. But as human beings, we have no say about when and how we choose to die and that we should just suffer and keep fighting. It’s a very difficult decision to make, and it remains a personal one. We shouldn’t judge the choices people make, it’s their lives and it doesn’t affect us.

  3. […] someone suffer and in constant physical or emotional pain, breaks your heart.  I agree with Jarryd comparing human assisted-dying with euthanasia of our pets.  We as humans choose to end the life […]

  4. stjohntaft says:

    mind blown my friend. I have just been mind F++++D. I agree with you all the way how can we murder animals because they are sick or terminally ill and no one feels bad?

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